[di: unru:] is a German-Finnish trio from Helsinki which blends hard-edged post-punk with synthpop sensibility to create a dark atmospheric sound.

Raw yet melodic, at times confusing but always compelling.

Jan Ferres - Guitar, synths, lead vocals
Antti Meriläinen - Drums, backing vocals
Jason Ikävalko - Bass, backing vocals

Upcoming gigs:
07.09.18 | Hard Rock House, Helsinki (+Cold Dogs & Cheap Disasters
01.11.18 | Plaque, Leipzig (+Dividing Lines)
02.11.18 | Die Friese, Bremen (+Dividing Lines)
03.11.18 | VEB, Lübeck (+Dividing Lines)

Past gigs:
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Contact & gigs & Merchandise:

Unruhige Zeiten
Demo (2012)

Deathletter / Typewriter
7" single (2013)

Black Lips And Long Raincoats
Compilation (2015)

[di: unru:] / Self-titled EP
10" Vinyl / CD Digipak (2015)

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